Two truths and a lie

Three statements, one fact. Two of them are true, the third is not. Can you tell apart the truth from the lie? Which statement is not true? Challenge yourself and become a champion of intellectual property.

1. Register;
2. Pick a nickname and avatar;
3. Start the game!

The game has 5 difficulty levels, with each level containing 5 facts. For every lie you guess correctly, you will receive points based on the difficulty of the level:
• Level 1: maximum points 15;
• Level 2: maximum points 20;
• Level 3: maximum points 25;
• Level 4: maximum points 30;
• Level 5: maximum points 50;

The maximum number of points that you can receive after the completion of all levels is 140. If you make a mistake, you won’t have points taken out of your score.

You pick what level to start the game with. If you want to beat your record or play the game all over again, you can reset the level or the whole game.

All players take part in the rankings, which are arranged according to the number of points received.

After you finish all levels, you will receive a certificate that you can share on social media and challenge your friends.