A series of parallel black of varying width, which contain the data related to a product, and can be entered into a computer system and read.


An exact copy of a product created by the original’s manufacturer or with their consent.

Intellectual Property

A right to ownership established by law that prevents others from using someone’s intellectual creations without their permission.


A precise imitation of a product with the purpose of deception or illegal gain.

Olfactory Mark

A graphic representation, description of the aroma with words or a combination of both.


Means a product manufactured in a way that makes it look more expensive or of higher quality.

Fake website

Scammers create fake websites to make people share sensitive information like passwords, bank, or personal information that they can use to steal your identity. Some fake websites contaminate your device with malware, or trick you into buying non-existent or fake goods.

Tamper-proof marking label

Special label for sealing the packaging of a product – a guarantee against falsification. After its removal, it cannot be retrieved to its initial look. 

NFC chip

It is used by famous brands by installing the chip – in bags for example – so that the customer can check the authenticity of the product.

Offer for Counterfeit Goods

A good signal indicating an offer for counterfeit goods is the price. If the average price for a product is much higher in all other places, and at the same time no other seller is offering discounts, the chance for a scam is considerable. If all other offers of the online store are more than 50% or even 60%, that should be considered as a warning sign!